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Blogs, articles and briefs on all things cryptography & cybersecurity - this is where the good stuff is (let's talk about decentralization, trust - or zero trust, data protection and more)

Controlled File-Sharing Don't Gamble w/ File-Sharing When it Comes to Security, Control and Compliance Securely sharing files with colleagues and partners isn’t easy. While there are many user-friendly consumer-focused collaboration tools on the market like OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive, these lack the security measures necessary to confront the increasingly sophisticated level of threats targeting modern enterprises. Many organisations rapidly deployed cloud storage HighSide Staff HighSide Staff 4 min read
Cryptography & Cybersecurity When your mission is one of national security, HighSide is the only platform that can be trusted. Zero Trust E2E Encrypted Messaging for Rapid Deployment & Sustained Communications Special operations, intelligence and mission oriented support teams are at the frontlines, dealing with rapidly changing situations on the ground. Ensuring secure and reliable digital text based communications with team members, allies and command structure is critical to executing HighSide Staff HighSide Staff 2 min read