[Video] TechTalk w/ HighSide Chief Product Officer

HighSide's very own co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Andy Johnson, was invited to join James Rees from our partner Razorthorn to chat through all things secure communications and controlled file-sharing.

If you've got 40 minutes, I'd highly recommend watching the whole thing! However, if you've got less time than that, check out these snippets!

Intro to Data Security & Collaboration

James kicks things off talking about the Covid fueled the movement to digital working technologies like Microsoft Teams and discusses the security / privacy concerns with these platforms.

Usability & Security: How It's Not Always the Same

Andy talks about the trade offs between security and usability - with a little reminiscing about the early days of HighSide and how even our founding team had challenges with traditional encrypted communication systems.

How Most Tech Handles "Encryption" and Security

James prompts a discussion around how tools today are doing "security" and "encryption" and Andy gives us some very clear analogies on what trusting your data to platforms like Microsoft Teams, Box.com or Slack means. Spoiler: It's like locking your front door but leaving the key on the stoop (porch, patio, front step ,etc).

Why End-to-End Encryption is So Hard!

Andy circles back to James' question and digs into why most major platforms for data sharing and communications are not E2E encrypted, focusing in on the technical challenges that running that kind of system entails.

Why HighSide is Razorthorn's Choice for Securing Data

James talks about why Razorthorn has chosen HighSide to protect and secure their customer's sensitive data - and make that data available to their customers! Andy also talks a bit about HighSide One (our flagship platform) and HighSide for Teams (our Microsoft Teams E2EE application / extension).

Threat Model: Disruption vs. Decryption

James talks about the "cybersecurity puzzle" and Andy discusses how HighSide has "solved" that puzzle by optimizing for security, control, and compliance in our zero trust cloud environment. HighSide optimizes to defend against advanced adversaries and nation state cyber actors.

What a Common Attack Looks Like

Phishing and spoofing are the primary vehicles (still!) to get inside a network. When a cyber actor gets into the network, if your data is available to admins, privileged users, or stored behind a username / password... it might as well be gone. HighSide's passwordless authentication, powered by our encryption protocol, ensures that a network compromise - or an admin compromise - doesn't result in your data being accessible by the adversary.