When your mission is one of national security, HighSide is the only platform that can be trusted.

Zero Trust E2E Encrypted Messaging for Rapid Deployment & Sustained Communications

Special operations, intelligence and mission oriented support teams are at the frontlines, dealing with rapidly changing situations on the ground. Ensuring secure and reliable digital text based communications with team members, allies and command structure is critical to executing most operations. Many mission teams resort to low-grade technology like SMS or consumer messaging apps (like WhatsApp) because they are quick and easy to use - not to mention available on low-end mobile devices and in low-bandwidth environments.

However, reliance on SMS or consumer grade messaging applications not only opens up cyber risk, but puts the safety of personnel on the line by exposing operational intelligence.

Ultra-Secure Chat & Encrypted Communications

HighSide gives mission teams the ability to instantly launch a hyper-secure chat “team” that operates like popular consumer messaging apps but delivers centralized control & security. Users can easily message any member of the team, share pictures or files to individuals or groups or do real-time voice & video calls. HighSide secures everything through a revolutionary distributed E2E encryption protocol where each app install generates cryptographically unique encryption keys and manages all encryption & decryption activity.

Unlike other popular consumer encrypted messaging platforms, keys are not exposed via SMS or shared across insecure communications channels. HighSide’s distributed private root of trust model ensures no one can intercept or spoof a user's keys, eliminating “eavesdropping” risks. Designed on a bit-torrent style data transfer framework, HighSide supports extremely poor connectivity environments and ensures all messages, pictures, files, and communications are securely and reliably delivered.

Centralized Control, De-centralized Cryptography

Unlike other popular messaging apps, the mission team can control who is allowed into the environment, and has complete authority to revoke encryption keys, suspend access, define acceptable geographical boundaries for usage, and more. Lastly, all event and message data can be archived for compliance and e-discovery requirements - but also, message and data retention periods are flexible down to minutes or up to centuries and can be easily set to meet with the mission requirements.

Think about it like this, WhatsApp, Signal and so many other "encrypted" messaging apps operate as a GLOBAL tenant - one "team" for all of the world. HighSide let's you quickly initiate individual tenants, invite users anywhere in the world, control user access, manage device authorizations, maintain compliance logs - and most importantly, operate across low bandwidth environments and low budget phones and devices.

Mission priorities can change in an instant, and the HighSide application allows for user and data surges without any restriction or limitation of service.

Encrypted File & Document Sharing

In addition to chat and communication capabilities, HighSide also offers an integrated secure file storage and sharing feature that can be used to house operational documentation, maps, plans, photos and more. Share “drives” securely with various members of the team and quickly disseminate important information on a “need to know” basis with configurable security groups.

HighSide’s FedRAMP cloud ensures your files & data, message history, conversations, and chat groups are always available, and HighSide’s FIPS validated E2E encryption ensures they are only available to your team and support users.

Available on the Google Play store and the Apple AppStore, HighSide is a quick and easy setup with a familiar messaging app interface.

HighSide is deployed in forward operating locations, supporting numerous mission team objectives.