SAP National Security Services & HighSide Finalize Partnership to Deliver FedRAMP and DOD Approved Controlled File-Sharing & Collaboration

HighSide, Inc., the leader in Controlled File-Sharing & Collaboration, and SAP’s (NYSE: SAP) National Security Services (SAP NS2) division have partnered to co-sell and deliver HighSide’s e2e encrypted file-sharing, collaboration, and communications platform in a FedRAMP and DoD approved cloud hosting environment. SAP NS2 selected HighSide after over a year of diligence, as the right solution to replace out-dated government file-sharing & communication systems and bring a true decentralized encryption system to the US civilian, defense, and intelligence agencies.

SAP’s National Security Services and Mission teams will resale HighSide’s applications.

HighSide, already working with NATO and five-eye intelligence partners, as well as various US government and defense industrial base organizations, will immediately begin offering secure hosting through the SAP NS2 cloud and ultimately FedRAMP authorized cloud services.

The HighSide One platform and HighSide SecureTeams, the e2ee extension for Microsoft Teams, deliver on the promise of controlled sharing, secure communications and compliant collaboration in a user-friendly & easy to administer environment. Built from the ground up with zero-trust at its core, HighSide’s solutions reduce TCO and increase productivity across sensitive, regulated, and even classified projects.

Offering secure cloud, on-prem deployment, and FedRAMP options, HighSide makes it easy to meet compliance requirements while eliminating complex infrastructure and management overhead. Government and enterprise customers can now procure HighSide solutions, hosted in SAP’s secure cloud environment from their SAP and SAP NS2 sales reps.

“The partnership with SAP’s National Security Services (NS2) division is continued validation of HighSide’s controlled file-sharing & collaboration capabilities. With the White House directive on zero trust and continuing cyber-tensions around the world, it’s never been more important for US and NATO government agencies to have readily available solutions to address data sharing and digital communications security.” said Evan Blair, Chief Revenue Officer of HighSide. “We’ve been working with SAP NS2 for the better part of a year, and to see this finally come to fruition is a huge milestone for our two organizations. Combining SAP NS2’s secure cloud expertise and sales & procurement reach, with HighSides decentralized e2e encryption powered file-sharing & collaboration applications is very exciting.”

HighSide customers include military/government and Fortune 100 organizations, law firms and healthcare companies; our end-to-end encryption protocol is used to protect sensitive data and IP from sophisticated attackers and nation-states.

About HighSide

HighSide is the industry leader in Controlled File-Sharing & Collaboration, enabling teams to ensure their intellectual property, regulated data, and sensitive communications remain secure, compliant, and controlled. Powered by a decentralized e2e encryption protocol, HighSide’s applications unify user-experience, productivity and data control. Bridge the gap between your hybrid workforce, distributed supply chain, and customer ecosystem without sacrifice.

The HighSide One platform and SecureTeams e2e encryption extension for Microsoft Teams, eliminate the compromise between productivity and security. Offering secure cloud, on-prem, and FedRAMP deployment options, a continuously NIAP validated secure application, and FIPS 140-2 compliant e2e encryption, HighSide delivers out of the box regulatory compliance.

Built from the ground up with zero-trust at its core, HighSide’s solutions reduce TCO and increase productivity across sensitive, regulated, and even classified projects. Learn more at

About SAP NS2

At SAP NS2®, we support the mission of national security by providing innovative computing, analytics, and cloud solutions, all delivered by U.S. persons on U.S. soil. From custom development to secure cloud, and virtually everything in between, SAP NS2 powers the secure intelligent enterprise. Learn more at

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